With my first waking breath, I knew my life would change.  I did not know how or why, but I knew only that I was about to step onto a distinctly different path.  The dream that startled me into reality was unlike so many dreams where my bare feet moved slowly along the cool grass with the sun warming my face or where birds sang to the rustling leaves.  This dream was ominous.  As I walked, my feet suddenly felt the burning sensation of baking desert pavement and the sun buried itself in a dark cloud that blanketed the entire sky.  A million pounding jackhammers filled my ears causing my head to throb to their rhythm.  I tried to run to safety, but there was no escape.  The wind howled violently, sweeping everything into chaos as it came for me.  The ground beneath my feet began to shake, I could feel it weakening.  Fear of falling kept me still though panic overwhelmed my entire body.  I knew the earth was no longer sound and a single move could send me plummeting into darkness.  It was that unseen darkness that stayed with me. 



A Novel by Alex Solstice

 ©2013 Alex Solstice